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Shh! We Have a Plan

  • Historic Paramount Theatre 125 4th Ave NE Austin MN 55912 (map)

A play without words

Based on the delightful Chris Haughton book of the same title, the story is told without words through music and acting as characters try to capture a bird and ultimately discover the magic of freedom and kindness. Tickets are a $30 value. Because of grant funding, the show is presented in Austin at no charge.

Free tickets are required to attend. Obtain free tickets at Austin ArtWorks Center or the Austin Public Library. Brought to Austin as part of the Austin Public Library's year of diversity and inclusion, One Austin — Many Stories.

All are welcome ~ Todos son bienvenidos ~ Kabéh aya wilujeng sumping ~ Tout le monde est bienvenu ~ 欢迎所有人 ~ Tag nrho cov raug txais tos ~ Tất cả đều được chào đón ~ سب خوش آمدید

Funded by Minnesota Library Legacy, Austin Rotary Club and The Welcome Center of Austin.

This project was funded in part or in whole with money from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.