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Mary Nordeng & Jamie Kouba (Textile)

Presented September 13 to October 25, 2019

Mary Nordeng
I always tell people that I cannot draw a straight line. But, when I quilt with my longarm machine, I use both hands, which engages both sides of my brain, and that makes me twice as talented. Well, it works for me.

My quilts, while varied in style, all have an emphasis on the machine quilting. All of the machine quilting is hand-guided, not computerized. I move the machine over the fabric to create the stitching designs. There are traditional-looking appliqué quilts, all done by machine. I also have more contemporary looking pieces. My most recent designs are a series of mid-century modern pieces which remind me of the decor in my childhood home.

Jamie Kouba
I am a maker.  A craftsperson.  And, occasionally, an artist.  I am happiest when my right brain is engaged in the creation of beauty: where line and design meet color and light.

Much of my original work comes from a textile challenge group of like-minded women.  We met to collaborate, inspire, teach, and support each other on our unique, yet connected, textile journeys.

I find inspiration in EVERYTHING, as you will discover working your way from piece to piece.  My latest inspiration comes from my son, Jake Kouba, as we explore the infinite possibilities of Islamic Tile design.  We’ve only dipped our toes into the water….there is more to come.

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All Member Show

Presented November 1 , 2019 to December 31, 2019.

Featuring art by Lisa Dunlop / Andrea Funke / Jenna Grabau / Laura Helle / Barbara Orcutt / Jim Wegner

For information on how to exhibit in the all member show, contact Kelsey Ritchie. Hint: This show is for members. You can learn about becoming a member here.

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