Meet Our Staff

This team values honesty, integrity and respect and works hard every day to leverage the power of the arts to improve lives and the community. 


Laura Helle

Fearless leader, a.k.a. Executive Director
Visual artist
Diet Coke enthusiast
Raising her hand to politely correct the teacher since 1980


Kesley Ritchie

Veins run with Margarita Mix
Visual artist
Operations Manager, because Master of the Universe is not available as a job title
Answers phone, "Buddy the Elf, What's your favorite color?"


Vic Wylde


To operate, add caffeine
Theatrical tyrant
Crazy enough to get married at work
Paramount Theatre Manager & Emcee
Drives a hard bargain


Andrea Funke

Visual artist, book maker
Number wizard (a.k.a Accountant)
Creates order from chaos
Dog lover


Lana Kenyon

Life of the party
Education Coordinator
Mom of JJ, Rose & Remy
Often overheard saying "In regards to..."


Lora Lee Bauer

Paints in watercolor and acrylics
Desert dry wit
Paramount Theatre Assistant
First job ever / last job ever: clean the Paramount


Jenna Grabau

Riverland Community College student
Rocks unusual lipstick colors
Retail Associate & Special Events


Wren Clinefelter

Visual artist
Austin High School student
Box office / Custodial staff


Adriana Rubio

Loves to organize
Austin High School student
Custodial staff