Juried Sales Gallery

What Is It?

Our sales gallery is located on the main floor of the ArtWorks Center. It's a place for local and regional artists to sell their work and participate in the Austin arts community, and provides an opportunity for visitors to support these artists.

How Do I Apply?

The application process for our sales gallery is as follows:

  • Review the policies and procedures of our retail and gallery committee (below and on the left).
  • Download the juried sales gallery consignment agreement (below and on the right), read carefully, and complete.
  • Prepare at least five photos or digital images of your work to submit to the committee.
  • Drop your agreement and work samples off at the Center or scan and send via email to melissa@austinareaarts.org.
  • Our committee chair will contact you about your application and notify you of further steps.

If you have questions on any of our policies or procedures, please contact Kelsie Ritchie at kelsey@austinareaarts.org.


Second Floor Galleries

What Are They?

We have two galleries on the uppermost level of the ArtWorks Center—the main gallery and the classroom gallery. We typically reserve our main gallery for professional and established artists and our classroom gallery for emerging artists who show promise.

How Often Do You Switch Galleries?

We switch our galleries out about six times a year.

How Do I Apply?

If you're interested in applying to show in either of our second floor galleries, please send your resume and samples to Executive Director Laura Helle at director@austinareaarts.org.

Anything Else I Should Know?

1) Artists are responsible for delivering and hanging their work (but we love to help), as well as arranging for pick-up of their work at the end of the show. 

2) We like to spread the word and get as many eyes on your work as possible, so we'll most likely use images of your work—either partial or whole—as part of our marketing.