Members help us keep:

  • the lights on.
  • the events coming.
  • the good vibes rolling.

So we hook them up.

  • Discounts on tickets at Paramount events
  • Free popcorn at Paramount events
  • Discounts on ArtWorks Center classes
  • Exclusive sneak previews of new galleries
  • Free admission to open studios at the ArtWorks Center

And it costs about as much as a coffee run.

Truth. It's costs $5/month for an individual to become an AACA member, and $10/month for a family membership.*

Like to buy in bulk? We've got you covered: pay your dues for the year** as an individual ($60) or a family ($120).

Basically, if you drink coffee, you're already halfway to becoming a member.

*To sign up for a monthly payment, call us or stop by.

**In the interest of keeping you in the loop: if you pay your dues yearly, they're good for one calendar year from the day you sign up.

Ready to own it?

Of course you are. Press that button, or stop by the ArtWorks Center or call us at (507) 434.0934 to get started.

Who we are and where we came from.

In 1990 a group of forward-thinking citizens joined forces to create the Austin Area Commission for the Arts (AACA). Their mission: to promote and develop the arts in Austin as well as to oversee the ongoing preservation of the Historic Paramount Theatre. Once established, the group spent over two decades spearheading the effort to restore the Paramount to its original glory, and succeeded in dramatically enhancing the quality of life in Austin by offering a venue for the performing arts to flourish.

Beyond programming a diverse array of events at the Paramount Theatre each year, since 2012 the AACA has organized the annual ArtWorks Festival, which showcases artists (from musicians to painters to blacksmiths) and draws thousands of visitors to Austin, MN each August. 

But we still weren't satisfied. Envisioning a home for this great artistic community to gather year-round, the AACA opened the ArtWorks Center in August 2014. The Center is a hub for artists, art teachers and students, and art lovers to share their knowledge of and passion for the arts.

With these three programs under our purview, we continue to carry out our mission: to identify, engage, and support the development and advancement of diverse arts, entertainment, and cultural activities that make life better for people in Austin and the surrounding area. 

The sustainability of this mission is largely up to another group of forward-thinking citizens: the members of the Austin Area Commission for the Arts. By choosing to join our membership family, you're helping support current programs as well as future development of the organization.

You'll also snag some pretty neat perks (listed on the left).


Shout-Out to Our Members!

Barb Agerter / Chris and Maria Anderson / Jeff and Renee Anderson / Dallas Apold / Alicia Arrizola / Daniel and Rebecca Astrup / Randy Bailey / Jeff Baldus / Greg and Amy Baskin / Lora Lee Bauer / Kevin Bawek / Nancy Beck / Carole Bender / Geraldyne Berg / Dick and Judi Bergen / Terri Bergstrom / Tom Blahnik / Marva Blake / Fred and Carolyn Bogott / Shelly Aquino Brandon / Karen Brezicka / Arlene Brick / John Bridley / Jack Brown / Deb Brownrigg / Michael and Julie Brunner / Steve and Debra Burma / Jim and Milly Burroughs / Megan Burroughs / Lu Callstrom / Kenneth Carlson / Tim and Kathy Carlson / Bradley and Bethie Carlton / Theodore and Kay Carpenter / Maureen Carver / Stephanie Carver / Janice Christianson / Cheryl Christopherson / Rich and Jan Chuick / Kathleen Clary / Mike Cotter / Margie Culton / Jenelle Cummings / David and Diane Dammen / Hjordi Danielson / Richard and Mary Davenport / Sandy Davis / Gregory and Jen Davis / Cameron Davis / Daniel and Mary Donnelly / Cheryl Dunlap / Tom and Lisa Dunlop / Gretchen Erickson and Edward Hinchliff / Jeff and LeeAnn Ettinger / Annette Evenson / Kasse Fate / Kandace Feist / Nicole Fierce / Joan Finnegan / Jennifer Forbes / Lowell Foster / Terry and Jan Fox / Phyllis Freund / Karen Fuerstenberg / Rayna Gasteiger / Sally Gerhart / Francis and Judith Gerlach / Janet Gilbertson / Karen and Art Goembel / Robert and Joyce Goetz / Kateryn Grinan / Vern and Sue Grove / Jeanie Guern / Ollie and Shar Hagen / Beth Hamilton / Gordy and Donna Handeland / Pam Hanson / Catherine Haslag / James Hayden / Laura Helle / James Herrick / Lance and Sharon Hoefflin / Al and Alice Holst / Katie Hunerdosse / Janet Jacobsen / Sharon Johnson / Quin and Jane Johnson / Kim Kahn-Waletzke / Glenn and Peggy Keener / Thomas Keller / Andrew and Lindsey Kepper / Jim and Vicky King / Keith and Mary Kleis / Margie Kline / John and Donna Kluczny / Pete and Jen Knoebel / Scott and Mary Lynn Knoebel / Jennie Knoebel / Sally Kolb / Cindy Konewko / Ron Kraft / Randy and Wendy Kramer / Steve and Dorothy Krob / Steve and Teresa Kubas / Virginia Larsen / Sonia Larson / Greg and Lynee Larson / Judy Laskewitz / Krystal Lennie / Mary Lindgren / Richard List / Bruce Loeschen / Damien and Julie Londino-Green / Amy Lonergan / Mary Anne Lynch / Sarah Lysne / Pat Maclean / Brad Mariska / Dee Marx / Steve Mason / Brad Matthews / Lois McConnell / Layl McDill / Dan and Sue McRath / Mary Medinnus / James and Janice Mino / Barbara Mitchell / Edward Mjoen / Bonnie Mogen / Marilyn Muchow / Karla Muller / Dove Mullins / Aleta Myers / Julie Nace / Dirk Nelson / Bonnie Nelson / Waren Neus / Betty O'Brien / Clayton and Donna Oehler / Gary and Maridee Ofstedahl / Willie Olson / Susan Olson / Barb Orcutt / Mary and Tracy Ourada / Kathryn Parada / Andy Paul / Darlyne Paulson / Cindy Pechacek / Lorie Peterson / Candace Peterson / Mary and Shelly Plummer / Lance and Snow Pogones / Jeanne Poppe and Bob Vilt / Jacqueline Porter / Michael and Stephanie Postma / Jillene Pratt / Susan Radloff / Gretchen Ramlo / Chet and Rae Dawn Rao / Theodore Rasmussen / Gary and Pat Ray / Marv and Rebecca Repinski / Tammy Rice / Tim and Bonnie Rietz / Ward and Lisa Robinson / Diane Rogne / Dale Rosenthal / Celeste Ruble / Susan Ruzek / Rita Sand / Chad and Laura Sayles / Alicia Scheevel / Larry and Barb Scheid / Kay Scherer / Belita Schindler / Marlene Schlichter / Terry Schmidt / Katie Schneider / Tamara Schneider / Peg Seath / Linda Sistek / Roxann Slowinski / Naomi Smith / Geoff and Susan Smith / James and Vicki Splinter / Paul and Vickie Spyhalski / Maureen Steenblock / Susan Strampe / Diane Strouf / Marilyn Sucha / Paul and Susan Sween / Dave Sylte / Debra Tabor / Bonnie Tangren / Leslie and Shirley Tapp / Jane Taylor / Vicki Taylor / Sherri Thissen / Julie Thomsen / Nikky Tolde / Beth Tostenson / Mike and Melissa Trihus / Collette Ulwelling / Ed and Linda Unverzagt / Jake Vela / Greg and Jodi Vortherms / Alisa Wagmer / Sharon Wagner / Jack and Jan Waller / Liz Walls / Joan Wangen / James Wegner / Kathryn Weiss / Kris Wilkie / Melodie Williamson / Jerry and Mary Anne Wolesky / Andrew and Ann Wolter