Tom Hormel

Born Thomas Dubois Hormel in 1930, Tom has lived in Minnesota, California, Hawaii, and Idaho, and currently calls Florida home. Tom’s parents were Jay Catherwood and Germaine Dubois Hormel, remembered fondly by many in Austin for their involvement in both Hormel Foods Corporation (then George A. Hormel & Co.) and the community. Tom was the middle child between brothers George Albert “Geordie” Hormel and James Catherwood Hormel.

While he has dedicated much of his life to creating music and art, Tom is something of a Renaissance man; his interests are many and varied, and it is evident first and foremost in his diverse postsecondary education. He graduated from Occidental College with a BA in Sociology after spending two years at Palos Verdes College, and studied a year of Law at Loyola
Law School as well as a year of Architecture at USC. He also speaks fluent French and Spanish.

Tom cites Palos Verdes College as the place in which art first became an important factor in his life. His enrollment in drawing, painting, ceramics, and basic design classes sparked his lifelong journey as an artist.

That is not to say Tom settled into a single passion after this initial inspiration; a recipient of the United Nations Environmental 500 award in Istanbul, he has been deeply involved in numerous conservation efforts throughout his life, participating in many environmental organizations and spearheading many projects.

The viewer may well recognize these myriad influences in both the breadth and variety of Tom’s work. From his acrylic on canvas, to
his digital art, to his needlepoint, each of the mediums Tom employs represents a chapter in his personal history. The collection of Tom’s work belies not just the artist’s passions for expression, but also a contagious expression of those many passions.

The AACA is proud to present a three-phase exhibit featuring artwork by Tom Hormel in his hometown of Austin, Minnesota. Over the course of the exhibit, 25 unique prints will appear in seven public spaces throughout the community. Fourteen pieces initially appeared in the Austin ArtWorks Center’s second floor gallery in April and May. A community-wide exhibit follows on May 15, comprised of eleven pieces across five locations. Admission to all locations is free with the exception of a $5 entrance fee at the Hormel Historic Home.

Jay C. Hormel Nature Center
Open Saturday 9am-5pm / Sunday 1-5pm Artwork on view in the Interpretive Building

Hormel Foods Corporation / SPAM® Museum
Open Tuesday – Sunday / 10am – 5pm

Hormel Historic Home
Open Monday – Friday / 10am – 4:30pm Admission $5

The Hormel Foundation
Open Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm / Friday 8-10am

Hormel Institute / University of Minnesota Cancer Research Center
Open Monday-Friday / 7:30am-4:30pm Tours available if pre-arranged

All five locations have special meaning to Tom Hormel’s family. All prints are available for sale through the Austin ArtWorks Center and 100% of proceeds benefit the Austin Area Commission for the Arts. Please note that all prints must remain exhibited until August 28.